Is this intentional FUD by Disney

Is this intentional FUD by Disney’s script writers … or just the stupidity of plucking a term they don’t understand from the internet ?

In an episode that aired Friday on the Disney Channel, the show Shake It Up features two teenagers begging the stereotypical geeky kid for help with a computer that has apparently gone down.

The geeky kid, complete with sweater, parted hair and glasses, asks the two teenagers the oddest question: “Did you use open source code to save time and the virus was hidden in it?”

It made me roll around laughing (at the sheer stupidity of the comment) … but then wonder if it was intentional and more sinister FUD.

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Maybe Microsoft has infiltrated Disney and they are trying to corrupt the youth.

Or they are just idiots.

What is the age group this show is for anyway?

Hi glitch … aint seen you in these parts for a while … good to see you back :slight_smile:

I couldn’t say, I’ve never heard of it before … but then I’m not really the type to hang out on the Disney channel :wink:

If (and I repeat IF) it was intentional FUD, it’s a very sinister method of implanting ideas in the youth … my instinct is to think it was just a term snatched out of the air because it sounded “nerdy”, but it will be interesting to see if it’s repeated.

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I don’t believe you for a second! I think you record all the Disney channel shows!

Maybe it was a sinster implant but you know what they same about any publicity is good publicity, maybe some kids will wonder what they are talking about and research open source. All though if they are watching the Disney channel they are probably too young to even understand never mind care.

The show is aimed at 5-13 year olds. Kinda explains it in itself really.

Not the first time Disney’s slipped up.

Propaganda from the big corporation cartel with apple being the ring leader

mr jobs sold pixar to disney and apple has a lot of say

Damn, I was hoping you’d not suss me out :o , you been hackiing my TiVo ?

It’s Minnie Mouse … she make me goofy.

I have… not… hacked… things ever… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pun intended? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes intentional :slight_smile:

It’s just a pity Woody Wood Pecker isn’t Disney … I could have done so much more with that :wink:

and I know “hacked” was an improper use of the word … before someone has a go … sorry it was a slip, I couldn’t get Minnie off my mind.

She is pretty mind blowing…

Using the therms open source and hidden in the same sentence is hilarious
I would say it is the stupidity of the script writers.

Slight different view with pointing out Disney’s involvement in open source

I agree, more than likely dumb a** script writers who thought it just “sounded” cool, without understanding what they were saying.

Don’t discount the ability of Corporations to hold conflicting opinions.
Make use of open source behind the scenes because it saves money and is superior, whilst dissing it in front of house in order to fit in with ‘the Corporate message’.

The way things are going I can see Linux and Linux users being called terrorists before too long. Anyone who doesn’t mindlessly accept Corporate control is suspect. Wanting to be in control, to understand, to make really informed choices, flags you up as a potential trouble maker. Bothering to learn to use Linux (even if only as much as is needed to use it lightly on the desktop) means you have displayed both the intention and the willingness to deviate. (By this standard, Ubuntu users will probably get away with it, but if you use a subversive distro… :wink: )

And if you think I’m joking, consider how the following could be portrayed by the media - you installed files to bypass DVD encryption and MP3 encryption. The average distro comes with network tools that could be described as “hackers tools” (that’s hackers as in naughty computer users - the media’s definition of what “a hacker” is). You may be using adblockers (depriving ‘honest traders’ of the right to advertise to you), “donottrack” plugins (same as adblockers). You probably know how to start and stop services in Windows. You may well have used torrents at some point or other (regardless of the legitimacy of what you downloaded - ‘everyone knows’ torrents are a euphemism for stolen goods).

The sort of apparently casual misinformation that started this thread is, as far as I can see, not casual at all. We always fall into the trap of giving these people the benefit of the doubt - despite all the evidence to the contrary. Despite all the instances of Corporations lying through their teeth, always we say “it’s probably just accidental”. Disney’s control over scripts is watertight. These people do not mess up “accidentally”. Therefore it’s deliberate and the aim is pretty obvious - the indoctrination of minds too young to defend themselves.

In general I’d totally agree with you, and if it happens again more so … I’d also agree with “Disney’s control over scripts is watertight” if it were a film, yet I still find myself giving them the benefit of the doubt.

If truth be told … open source code COULD carry a “virus”, like any other code … I’d also be willing to bet there are virus/malware making kits out there where the source is freely available … just because something is “open source” doesn’t 100% proof it against malicious code.

That’s not to say I can’t see why some people are bothered by the unnecessary use of “open” in the line … but over reaction to a single (as long as it remains single) line in a kids TV show will make us look more like the militants we’re accused of being … so you could just as easily say “don’t help them portray us as dangerous reactionaries”.

I will say however, that this had me in stitches for a good 10 minutes:-

you have displayed both the intention and the willingness to deviate. (By this standard, Ubuntu users will probably get away with it

i can see it now

the next 007 film (james bond 007 " the Penguin parasite ") and we can have a return of max ZORIN .

Like the 2001 film Swordfish which had a character that was a mega-computer criminal called “Axl Torvalds”.

Ahh yes Swordfish … with the infamous IP address 213.225.312.5 :slight_smile:

Heck. if you can be labelled as potential mass murderer if you are not using fakebook:
Then using Linux is surely indicating that you are rejecting to follow the (sheep)herd.