Is Unity ready for the 11.04 release ?

Has anyone read this:
Ubuntu 11.04 May Default To Classic GNOME Desktop
and the ‘proof’ that it may (at least) be being considered:

IMHO it should default to GNOME… Unity (from what I’ve seen so far) is nowhere near ready, the beta is HUGELY unstable, and FULL of bugs… OK, it’s a beta, but they only have a couple of weeks to go.

It would be a massive embarrassment for Mark Shuttleworth, but immensely funny if they were forced to admit Unity isn’t ready, yet GNOME 3.0 is… but I’m more inclined to think they’ll just release it anyway, bugs and all.

and if you want to know just how buggy it is…

but I'm more inclined to think they'll just release it anyway, bugs and all.

Just Like MS Windows then. :wink:

Yup, but it’s not a great idea that the #1 Linux distro… the one most new users think IS Linux… is full of bugs and unstable, kinda gives the wrong impression… and right at a time when more people than ever are trying out Linux for the first time… and as I said most of them think Linux = Ubuntu.

Win7 may look mighty tempting to them if Ubuntu is unstable.

One Hundred percent agree. It’s a totally stupid idea and may discourage new users to continue using Linux. It looks like I’ll be staying with 10.10 and 10.04 for some time. :slight_smile:

Shuttleworth need to understand that his push to become the #1 distro (though great in its own right) also comes with the responsibility of fronting (desktop) Linux as a whole… at lest as far as “first impressions” go.

I know this leaves less room for experimentation, so less “apparent” innovation, but that’s the way thing go when you’re at the top.

I don’t see the NEED for the 6 monthly release cycle to be the overriding factor… a target, yes… but stability should be the most important factor.

Aim for the 6 month cycle, but take as long as needed to get it stable before release.

Totally right. I hope it doesn’t go pear shaped. That would be a shame.

The Gimp has had a problem with it’s latest version (not enough programmers and bug issues). The difference is they have put the launch date back until it is READY! Which surely is the most sensible thing to do.

Might even break the monotony of the .04 then .10 release versions… 11.06… Hmmm, Karmic could have been fun if it had been a month late… 9.11 :wink:

I also tried Unity, the whole experience was, so bad I decided to not use Ubuntu anymore and just went to Debian. I think Mr Shuttleworth has this one all wrong!

Lol—Well, as a 11.04 user (of not much, yet. Still getting my feet under me) they just released some updates (hadn’t logged into Natty in a while) roughly 160 GB’s I think. Well, the downloader quoted me at 60, the status bar said 72.6 and then, when that was done, I was brought to a separate list of updates that said 80. Patches–? For a second, felt like this was Windows, but was still grateful for uber startup times and the need for no antiviral (and the price-tag was phenomenal) so I shut my trap.

EDIT–Or was it MB’s? Looking at home folder, and it says there’s 421.4 GB free. . . . Never stay up late and try to form coherent thoughts!

Well yes… no matter what I think of 11.04, it still has a long way to fall before it crawls into the same gutter as Windows :wink:

It had better have been MB, or I take the previous statement back. :o

Hehehe. . . Do you think it included patches for wireless internet adapters, Mark? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I got a tiny little netbook that has been just—sitting for a while now, being it’s nice, neat little “Windows XP” running self. What sort’ve stuff can be done on a netbook with Linux? I bought it to get me through a semester when my desktop took a turn for the worse. That was a little over a year ago, and it’s begging to be horribly reengineered in some way, with it’s pristine, factory-issue paint and 160 GB hdd with 132 GB just floating around, doing nothing.

EDIT: It’s an Acer Aspire One. It has 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 1.60 GHZ processor. . . Do these things even have slots to upgrade RAM or something–? I could use an extra GB or so. Maybe find a 4 GB (thinking it needs DDR2, but I could be wrong. . . )

EDIT: Sorry, it occurred to me this wasn’t the thread for this tangent. I moved it to “What will your next computer be?”

If you mean does 11.04 contain any wireless adapter driver changes from 10.10, YES, including a different procedure for installing the Broadcom drivers or in some cases they are now installed by default, and from what I can tell better support for some cards based on the RT2870 chipset… but there will be more, that’s one of the reasons for new kernel revisions :wink:

Erm… What can’t would be a better question :slight_smile:

There’s absolutely nothing to stop you loading a FULL blown Linux distro such as Ubuntu 11.04… as a matter of fact someone sent me a PM saying he’d done just that on an AA1 ZG5 and loves it… out of the box, the only problems he had were a non working mic (fixable), and the card reader doesn’t work (again I’m told there is a fix).

But there are also distro’s aimed specifically at netbooks such as Easy Peasy (based on Ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition)

That said, if speed is what you require, there are lighter desktops than a FULL Gnome desktop, such as LXDE or Xfce etc. so maybe you would want to try Lubuntu or Xubuntu, or Linux Mint LXDE etc. or fast single user distro’s such as Puppy… hell there’s nothing stopping you going for Gentoo if you feel the urge to get really dirty.

As I said… What CAN’T be done would be a better question :wink:

Naw, I meant do you think the patches I downloaded contained more drivers for wireless adapters.

But I’m sitting here thinking, "Man, there’s a mini PCI-e slot in there and a GB of ram just DYING to go into this thing—I could watch high-res video with it, and maybe run a couple of pages at the same time. And linux would use less RAM than XP, ideally.

If you mean “updates”… they may have done… why ? are you having wireless problems ?

I think finding ANY flavour of Linux that isn’t better with memory than Windows might be difficult, but there are some that are better than others… ie. ones with a lighter desktop, or no GUI at all.

Or you could go the “whole hog”, and use Gentoo, for a Linux customised to your particular system that only includes what you want/need… that WILL be fast, but hard work :wink:

lol—was joking about the wireless. Remember all the work we had to do to get my wireless setup? A somewhat cynical “did they just fix that?” thought crossed my mind. And I just stumbled upon a much greater thing to do with my netbook I think. . . .Will include details under the "Ideas. . . " thread.

EDIT: I say “we”, but by “we” I meant “you.”