Issues with downloading Icloud photos to ubuntu desktop

Happy New Year Everyone,

I’m attempting to download my photos library from icloud but finding errors when I attempt to do so.

I have the icloud apps on the desktop having used the appropriate snap, and can view the contents of the various apps.

When I try to download the maximum number of images at any one time (1000) I receive a zip file that cannot be opened.

Many thanks


Is there another piece of software I need that will enable me to save the images onto Linux without errors?

Hi Jay, Happy new year!

So in order to help, we’re going to need a little more information;

  • What error message specifically does it give when you try to unzip it?
  • If you look at the downloaded zip file in a terminal session and execute the following, what sort of file does it report back;
# example;
$ file Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract, compression method=store
  • Have you tried downloading a single file, does this work?

Zip files should (generally) be portable across OS’s, so the error message is key. If you’re trying to unzip automatically via the GUI, try doing it from the terminal session and it might give a more verbose error, it’s possible for example the unzip package is not installed.

unzip (filename)