Itune install .

Please help. I’m new for Linux . I’m trying to use linux as much as I use PC. but there is a lot of thing to use and install.
I’m going to install the itune for linux but when tried to download itune from apple it hasn’t got any of them for Linux , They have got for PC and Mac only. I’m wondering where can I get and How can I install the itune for my linux Mint 15.

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Unfortunately there is no iTunes for linux, There are alternative music managers available for Linux such as Clementine which can also connect to an iPod, alternatively it may be possible to install iTunes via Wine which is a windows compatibility layer if iTunes is absolutely necessary

If you can tell us what you need iTunes for we may be able to suggest a suitable alternative


Seriously … I wouldn’t bother trying to use an iDevice with Linux.

My youngest son has an iPod (against my advice, but that’s kids for ya) and trying to sync it with ANY application in Linux results in a corrupt database on the iPod … so you can no longer even use Windows to add things.

The only fix is to restore the iPod :frowning:

Apple seem intent on keeping the iDevices off Linux … as soon as someone gets it working, Apple change the database format so it’s broken again … I’m not saying Apple are doing this JUST to keep it off Linux, but it’s working out that way.

Here’s an interesting quote from an apple forum that just about explains it perfectly

It is very likely that Apple deliberately tried to screw linux users by restricting write access via libgpod, so it wouldn't be a limitation of the operating system, but an artificial retriction imposed by a company that is way too obssesed with control and likes to play "dirty".


Forget iTunes on Wine, it’ll alternate between being completely busted, to being more buggy than alpha software. Don’t waste your time.
Some native Linux players will work, but I believe it depends on the model of iPod.

I appreciate Mark’s sentiment, but the sad fact is that other music players just aren’t up to scratch. Forget iPod Nano/Touch (a smartphone with SD card is better), take your iPod Classic - you can’t get 120GB capacity in a small player except for a Zune, and let’s not go there…

You must be kiddin right ?

The iPod classic used HDD technology … not ideal for a device that’s gonna get knocked about whilst in use.

Even Apple have moved away from that.

I see NO technical merit to an iPod AT ALL … and certainly not at the ridiculous price they go for. :wink:

Well, they are a rip off, but you can’t knock the capacity & size of the thing. 120GB in a credit card size - you can’t beat it.

If I had kids, I wouldn’t give them an iPod, they wouldn’t know what to do with it! When I was a teenager, I don’t think I had 30 CDs, and they’d fit on a £20 MP3 player!! lol
Plus I wouldn’t trust kids with hardware costing that much money. I see all these schoolkids on train with iPhone, and I think these parents must be nuts! I can’t even afford an iPhone, and their rowdy teenagers have them? The world’s gone mad!! /rant

I can’t afford one either … guess why :wink:

Not that I want one.