joli os opera shortcut goes to chromium extension please help

Hi guys, im new here and to linux,
im just trying out linux on the joli os which seems really good as a cloud/desktop pc, but ive got a problem with opera.

ive downloaded the opera software and run it, but it doesnt open. If i use any of the available joli shortcuts it takes me straight to the opera download page through a chromium extension.
Ive been trying to sort it out for a couple of hours now, if I open the terminal and type in opera, it opens and works perfectly but why wont the shortcuts work?
pleas help
Joe :slight_smile:

Though I’ve never used JoliOS … I’d guess Chromium is still set as the “default” web browser … is there nothing in the menus for selecting default applications ?

If you open a terminal and run:

update-alternatives --display x-www-browser

what is the output ?

Personally I use PeppermintOS as a “cloud” distro … it’s based on Ubuntu (but MUCH lighter) with the LXDE desktop … so has access to the Ubuntu software repositories, PPA’s, and generally Ubuntu “fixes” will work for Peppermint too.