JSLinux Help

I did have Ubuntu at one point, but never used it :frowning: I’ll hopefully be installing it on my new PC, and maybe learning some code for it (After I’m 100% with Obj-C for iOS).
Just because it’s there, I’d like to have some sort of use for http://bellard.org/jslinux/
Can anyone point me to a guide or anything that lets me do something cool/learn some stuff from this?
I think it’s an old version of Linux, or at least a shell-based version. However, I’m not that savvy. I was too young at the time :cry:
So, basically, is this a good idea, or should I just use my Ubuntu disk and start there? I kind of want to know what it was like “back in the day” :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for any help,
Joseph Duffy

JSlinux, appears to be an (javascript) PC emulator rather than a Linux distro:

If you just want to play with Linux from the command line, and aren’t interested in a desktop, why not just install something like Ubuntu server edition.

Nothing stopping you running it as a virtaul machine, if you don’t want to do a ‘proper’ installation.

or use your Ubuntu desktop edition, and just drop to a virtual console.