Just upgrade to 11.04

Just upgrade to 11.04 I dont have sound or flash, haven’t installed or removed anything or change any settings

Why am I having to post this stuff again… we’ve been through this before, it’s still on the forum … that’s what the search box is for.

For flash etc. … see here:

for sound (on your PC), see here:

Wo! Mr grumpy. :slight_smile:

Chill out time required. :wink:

Isn’t the point Toonman. A search box is there for a reason, it serves the purpose of finding other threads to see if there are solutions to problems of similar to yours (yours being the person looking for a solution.). It’s common sense just to type in a few words, and bobs your uncle, a solution. Threads such as these aren’t required if there are many solutions and many threads of the same topic.

Don’t agree BKS.

If we a ‘short’ with people they may not come back.

It’s not an issue I have with Mark, he has been extremely helpful with me. In fact I have probably more stupid questions than anybody and I’m more deserving of a clip behind the ears.

Well if they don’t comeback then that’s up to them. Remember this forum is administrated by “volunteers” who dedicate a lot of their valuable time helping with mine, and yours, and everyone else’s picky problems. Mark’s a very helpful guy indeed, I think between both me & you, we deserve a clip round the ears as I have made many topics. >.<

I won’t call him Mr Grumpy anymore. :wink:

We’d fixed both of those issues for the second time in the last few days … he’d upgraded to 11.04 and it went badly, but we fixed both of those issues before I advised a fresh re-install … search wasn’t really necessary, the earlier thread (with links to the first time we fixed them) would probably still have been on the forum front page.

I answered the question … again … but wanted to make the point that “Search” is there for a reason :wink:

But point taken … I was having a bit of an off day, and shouldn’t have allowed it to spill onto this forum … or just not responded at all, and ‘forced’ a search.

@ theporter2000 - I apologise if I came across as overly aggressive.