K9 Copy

If you own DVDs that are bought in stores and you are not reselling them, and require them to be copied just in case your original DVDs become of no use, apart from being used as coasters, then what`s the answer?

I used to use K9Copy until it was no longer maintained. There was rumours of someone else taking it over, but that seems like a long time ago. Pauline Martin restarted the development, but only as tarballs. Quite tricky for someone with my capabilities, then I came across this >


Nice & easy .deb files to download. Works a treat on my Mint 17, thanks to tom 8).

Please remember that it`s use is only for personal use not for profit or gain.

See here:

I’d suggest you try the version for Trusty or Utopic (in that order)

Ooops, sorry Mark,my bad. Should have said that I downloaded & installed the Trusty one, and it works well, so far.

nope actually MY BAD … I didn’t read the last half of your post before responding :-[

Still … I’ve learned something, so cheers :slight_smile:
(not that I want all those KDE dependencies in Peppermint, but still good to know)