Kernel Software Engineer required in London

Hi everyone.

I’m new on here and although there aren’t any other jobs posted I thought I’d give it a try! I’m a recruiter and I’m currently trying to find a Linux kernel software engineer on behalf of one of my clients in London and hoped someone on here might be interested, or might know of someone else who could be interested. My client are a startup company who have been going for about a year and they’re looking for someone to join a small but highly skilled team.

It is a permanent role and will involve designing and developing some of the core algorithms that are central to the product. You will also be involved in unit testing, debugging and performance benchmarking. Scalability, performance and stability are critical, so they are looking for someone with an innovative, creative approach and good problem solving skills.

The role will require strong C programming skills and in depth knowledge of the Linux kernel, particularly file system and block layers. You will need good knowledge of OS architecures, data structures and concurrency. It’s likely that you will be involved in open source development projects and will have a good knowledge of tools such as git, Bugzilla etc.

If this sounds of interest, or you could recommend anyone else who might be interested, please contact me at


Sam Brown
Engage PSG