keyboard layout peppermint 11?

Have downloaded peppermint 11? 32 bit and installed via usb alongside
peppermint 9 but having problems configuring the keyboard layout. peppermint 9 is configured as Generic 105 key (intnl.) Variant/ English UK.On an Asus eeepc model X101CH. Hdd 320 gb. I thought by using peppermint 9 configuration it may work,obviously not. Have tried many
keyboard layouts but no success. Would be most grateful for any assistance. Yours Norman Liddle/ps cannot even input password for wifi.

Hi Norman.

I am not familiar with recent versions of Peppermint so can’t provide much assistance here, but a couple of things spring to mind.
When you tried Version 11 as a “live USB” did it find the correct keyboard layout then?
Also: during the installation there is usually an option to test the keyboard layout by answering questions about what keys are present. Was this process offered?

WiFi: could you enter the password when running as a “live USB”? It’s usually recommended to use WIFI at installation so that recent updates can be installed. Could you do this?

Did you check the MD5SUM (or equivalent) after downloading the ISO?


Thank you for your prompt reply Keith. I just completed answers to your questions went to click send and lost it? Question 1 no. Question 2 yes it offered and I thought it had found the layout obviously not. Question 3 Wifi no I could not enter password, Thought I could sort it later obviously not. Question 5 checksum downloaded via Balena etcher read it did this automatically? think I better start again slowly. Know a quick way to delete Peppermint 11? Yours Norman.
ps am in hospital tomorrow for an operation I will get back to you ASAP.

Hi Norman.

Sorry to hear about your hospitalisation - I trust all is well.

The checksum is not checked automatically, so you’ll have to do it yourself. If I’ve found the right one (32-bit for you?), it is:

PeppermintOS-i386 2022-08-07


I found this at 32 bit checksum

Deleting Pepermint 11. I am guessing that the next installation procedure will ask you if you want to overwrite the previous version. If you have problems then just come back here.


Thank you for your replies. Keith I
shelve this exercise for now by deleting Peppermint 11
and over writing it with Peppermint 10? after being pointed in the right direction by yourself. I shall class this post as solved? Am writing this from Peppermint 8 on another laptop. At least I have learnt from you not to go ahead with a live Peppermint system unless everything is spot on. Saw the consultant today and will have to have therapy in the near future, thank you again. Yours, Norman.

Hi Norman.

OK - better luck next time, eh? But don’t give up. You might like to try Linux Mint which works well.
I suggest that you mark your topic as “Postponed” for now until you come back to it later. You can see how to do this by reading the Guide for new Members and inserting “Postponed” for “SOLVED” in the instruction.

Sorry to hear about your impending therapy.


Switch off the NUM lock in bias that sorted my issue with keyboard in Peppermint 11.