Kindle mobi file

Hey guys, the pdf file in this link would not save- is quite large- I clicked on the Kindle mobi file and it is in my downloads folder- anyone know that I would use to open it?

Hi Melissa

You will need an ebook application, so go to your software manager or synaptic and install Calibre or in the terminal

sudo apt-get install calibre

Once installed you will have to set up Calibre by opening it up and following the simple setup wizard then click “Add Books” and navigate your file

According to this Calibre will open a mobi file but I would suggest you download the file again as an EPUB which is a standard format for ebooks

Good luck


Hello Emegra. Well after some digging about online I found out about Calibre- got it from the package manager- was a bit of a faff getting the mobi onto my Kindle. I found the formatting of this ebook is rather odd ( at source) so ended up ordering a proper paper book from Amazon too.

Hahaha … old school solutions always work :slight_smile:

so ended up ordering a proper paper book from Amazon too

Why didn’t I think of that :slight_smile:

Ok well done Melissa glad you found a solution


Well, I would mostly rather have paper copies of books I want to treasure- but Kindle is handy ( being lightweight and book does not get tatty in bag) to pass the time for travel, boring walks into town, sitting about waiting for appts etc!

I agree there’s something about having the book in your hand some people still prefer that, I’m one of them

I didn’t know you wanted the file on your Swindle Kindle, if i knew that i could have told you that’s not such an easy thing to do although I believe it is possible through a procedure called sideloading, but for future reference as far as I understand you can only download books to your Swindle Kindle that you purchase from Amazon, it’s not so much an eBook reader as an Amazon purchasing device, similar concept to the iPad


Same on the iPaid2(much) iPad2

Well I did want it on the laptop mostly…but that can be only opened through Calibre. I never would have bought a Kindle myself- I inherited it.