Does kindle work on Linux Ubuntu ?

AFAIK, only through WINE … see here:

Now that I am able to use a kindle, I can tell you it can be installed and used with Linux or any other O.S. You choose your book on amazon and its downlaoded wirelessly from your router. The mistake many people make is, the the USB must be disconected for the router to download the book to the kindle. The USB connection would prevent the download via the router.

Cool … thanks for the update :slight_smile:

thanks for that bit of advice mate

Thanks for that- just inherited a Kindle.

Yes. Amazon don’t tell you that. Their instructions are awful. I spent a whole day trying to get the kindle to work and was considering sending it back . Then I got a computer engineer in and he connected it in a minute. It was such a simple procedure that he didn’t even charge me.
Incidentally - I don’t really look like that.

Incidentally - I don't really look like that.

Well that’s a relief :slight_smile:

Quark was hilarious on DS9!