KVM switch and mouse

I have recently connected a kvm switch so I can switch between cctv and pc and everything works ok in Windozzze 8 but when I switch to Mint 19.3 the keyboard works but the mouse doesn’t,can anybody help?

Have you checked your mouse preferences? Menu/Preferences/Mouse to see if anything is amiss there? Did the mouse work ok in Mint before you fitted the kvm switch?

Mouse works fine in Mint without kvm ,looked in preferences can’t see anything to alter?

Hello Zorba.

This might be a problem with the xorg.conf file. To quote from https://www.ghacks.net/2009/12/15/best-linux-and-kvm-switch-practices/:

"There is one problem that can arise when using a KVM switch with a modern Linux distribution. This problem has to do with the latest releases of Xorg.
Because Xorg no longer uses the xorg.conf file, it depends upon receiving identification signals from the monitor in order to automatically adjust the display.
On a single system/single monitor setup this works perfectly. But in some instances a KVM switch will get in the way and the X Windows display will be far from ideal (and some times not even usable).

The article provides a possible work-around. Worth a try, anyway.


Thanks for the article Keith but I’d already read it and the work around isn’t particularly informative with instructions and talks about xorg.conf which mint doesn’t have and having to create it and mainly talks about doing this for nvidia.Mine is an AMD radeon and haven’t got a clue how to do any of this.Think I’ll stick to just plugging the mouse into front of pc when needed.

OK. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help - perhaps others will be able to contribute.


In my experience KVMs and mice are difficult bedfellows.

I’m using a KVM now, but I’ve got two mice, one for each machine.

I think things are easier if you are using 2 machines running Windows, or 2 machines running Linux, or 2 machines running OS etc. Mix and match has never worked for me, but for the extra deskspace used by a second mouse…

It might make a difference which mouse you’re using. I’m using an HP mouse (DC369A) on a KVM between Mint 19.3 and a Raspberry Pi3. The mouse works perfectly with both.