Laptop freezes or restarts

Samsung R60 plus running mint 18.3 64bit.

The computer freezes or restarts only when running slide shows of photos stored both on the computer or the LAN.

The system is not overheating and I ran 8 hours of memory tests no problems found.
HDD tests found no problems.

I have tried a different program with the same results.

CPU is at 30% and RAM at 25% when the slide show is running.

Any thoughts what could be wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Can you run Mint from the Live Disk/USB in demo mode and see if it freezes then?

Might be worthwhile to re-install the viewer application.
In Ubuntu the viewer is eog and one can uninstall it with:

sudo apt-get purge eog

… then re-install it.

I think the default viewer in Mint 18 is Pix. Worth trying?

Hi have reinstalled PIX so will see what happens.

I think it must be a sofware issue or some form of conflict that happens from time to time.