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Is it possible to edit the contents of the launch menu located down the side of the screen? All I can find is how to add or remove contents from the main menu. However, I have so far failed to find this ‘main menu’. I’m starting to loose faith a little in Ubunta at the moment.

fire up the application lens… grey box with + in it on launcher bar… start typing the name of the application you want… when you see its icon, just drag it to the launcher bar.

If you want a more normal desktop, just start Ubuntu in “Classic” mode…

When you boot up and reach the login screen, type your password, then before hitting enter, look at the panel (bar), select Classic from the Session menu.

But give Unity time… it grows on you, and I doubt if you’d be able to find your way round Windows if you’d only spent a few days on it :wink:

This might help:

For clarity - The “Super” key = the “Windows” key.

Ok, I shall have a play.


After a slight hiccup where I managed ro remove the entire desktop and none of the hot keys worked, I have managed to recover and am now running in classic mode. This feels much more at home and better ordered. I think I’ll find my way around a bit and go from there. It would be nice to have a mix of old and new to be honest, the classic sense of order but with the ability to have a quick launch menu bar appear down the left hand edge with my choice of applications or files on it. Of course, with a bit of playing I might well find I can do that anyway.

Thanks again. :wink:

Another way to add an application to the launch bar… open the application, and whilst it is running, right-click it’s icon on the launcher bar, and select “Keep in launcher”.

Erm, YUP you’re right… you can add a dock bar to the “Classic” desktop…
(and yes, AFAIK you can put them down the side… at least you can with docky)

Both of these are available in the repo’s (Synaptic or Ubuntu Software Centre)

Homepage =

Install with:

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins


Homepage =

Install with:

sudo apt-get install docky

Links taken from this thread:

These add ons look very nice but you can add programs to the top panel but I may give them a go.