Learning Linux And Progressing Career

Hi all,

First I’d like to say that im new here so if this is in the wrong section i appologise.

I’ve been working on linux systems for almost 3 months now and I really want to excelerate my learning speed. I mainly work on CentOS and run Mint in a VM for playing at home (tried Arch and miserably).

Do you know of any good resources for learning more about linux from a beginner point of view looking to go down a sysadmin route.

I’ve just finished setting up a samba share at the moment and wil try and do the same at home. My next project is to setup a basic Apache or Nginx server.

Any advise on resources would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.

You can find a lot of good resources online, such as http://linux-bible.com, http://www.linux-tutorial.info, http://linuxcommand.org

Hi Jambi, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Tnx :slight_smile: