Lexmark X3480 Printer

I am right in thinking that there is no way that I can get my Lexmark X3480 to work with Ubuntu Linus 11.04, I read somewhere that the drivers are not provided by Lexmark but thought it was worth asking the question anyway.
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If you have a look at this page:

The X3480 isn’t listed, but the X3470 upwards is (under the All-in-One and Multi-Function Products section)… now if you look closely, you will see that they ALL use a proprietary format for the data stream… so unless Lexmark decide to release a Linux driver, or open source the proprietary format, I’m afraid “YES” you’re right… it WILL NOT work in Linux.

Kind of odd that IBM/Lexmark didn’t release Linux drivers considering IBM have historically been a big supporter of Linux.

Nor is it listed on the Lexmark Linux compatibility list:

But if you want to try that driver anyway… it’s here:
LEXMARK Printer driver for 32-bit Linux distributions with Debian-based packaging

Get an HP… most HP printers work “out of the box”

And for future readers… Until Lexmark pull their finger out and start providing better Linux support… DON’T BUY A LEXMARK (or at least check the above list and/or the openprinting.org database first)