LFS on Ubuntu 12.04?

OK now that I’m back up and running! I want to make sure i do this right, I’m to trying to get Live for speed on my system. Have tried numerous times before but haven’t seemed to figure out how to get it work. So while my comp is freshly restored I want to do it right. Has anyone dose this before I’ve seem video’s on this.

I know Ubuntu does have certain files need for acceleration gaming if I remember correct. so therefore wont run at smooth but I figured it’s worth a try.

Also haven’t download Wine yet due to the fact that’s how I messed up my pc last time ha ha.

For gaming under WINE, you’d probably be better served by asking on the GoL (Gaming on Linux) forum:

Liam Dawe is a friendly guy, and his forum (obviously) specialises in gaming.

Ask them which is the best version of WINE for LFS and how to go about setting it up.