Hi Mark,
I would like to install lightburn on my linux computer, it comes with the following info.

Linux Installation

  1. Open a terminal and run the following command:
    sudo adduser $USER dialout && sudo adduser $USER tty
  2. IMPORTANT! Log out and log back in (this refreshes the permissions we just added)
  3. Download the Linux 64-bit version
  4. Extract the folder wherever you want Lightburn to exist
  5. Double click AppRun inside your Lightburn folder

Is this ok to install ?? I don’t like to install anything and then come back here to get un-install advice when it doesn’t work, or should I just try and see what happens ??

Don W

Looks like it doesn’t need to be “installed” as much as it’s just run from the extracted folder.

So yeah try it … getting rid is theoretically as simple as deleting the extracted folder.

Thanks Mark