Linux and UEFI boot saga

Iv’e started this new topic as an ongoing issue I have with my Samsung note book pre installed with Windows 8 OS see previous posts…(Problems with Windows) so far with I cannot install Linux despite dedicated help from this Forum. During my ongoing quest to find an answer where MicroSoft came under question regarding the alternative innstallation of rival OS on later market machines using secure boot/ UEFI machines. As soon as I can retrieve the link I will post it here. I’m sure I will not be alone as other Window 8/10 users encounter ongoing problems.

I think your particular problem is a mixture between two issues

a) UEFI and Secureboot


b) Rubbish UEFI firmware from Samsung … have you checked to see if there’s an update ?

UEFI and Secure boot on their own don’t stop Linux installing any more.

Hi Mark… I’ll go for (b) won’t be he first time I’ve come accross issues with their firmware! I updated it a few weeks back but will do another update check.

No difference after updating… what I didn’t realise though when I checked the stick memory capacity it showed 2.5Mb!! when infact it had a capacity close to 16Gb!! after further checks the penny dropped! I had formatted the stick to FAT32 and not NTFS as I later found out, the Samsung 500T uses this format. However the issue still remains… when I hit install it just hangs. My next question is by removing Windows completely will it make any difference regarding Linux installation issues. Put it this way if it’s worth a go loosing Windows won’t bother me.

NO … there’s no point in removing Windows unless you can get a LiveuSB to boot Linux into a Live session.

I take it you’re still trying Debian right ?


Maybe you should try Sparky Linux:

Any of their 4.2 i586 verions are supposed to support 32bit UEFI
worth a shot…

Maybe try their SparkyLinux 4.2 Xfce i586 non-pae version … once installed it’s possible to switch to the i686 PAE kernel if you have more than 4GB of RAM.

Hi Mark… I don’t give up easy, and yes still trying Debian as you suggested. OK so lets have ago with what you have put forward. Cheers
something has got work soon maybe!

OK down loaded Sparky ready to try… do I use the same USB formater?

Dunno … can’t remember which one you were using ?

The USB stick formatter was part of your help offered here:
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Re: Problems with Windows
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Okay, download this file to the Ubuntu box:
then double-click it to install it.

Once it’s installed you should have 2 new applications available, “USB Image Writer” and “USB Stick Formatter”.

Use the “USB Image Writer” tool to write the Debian ISO to your 4GB or larger USB stick.

Then see if the Samsung will boot from it.
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OK downloaded Sparky and activated stick to show installer window. keyed install and things are moving! Have a screen showing progress activity… after several mins screen has blanked to a small pale blue box showing a flowing sign wave motiff but no further activity so don’t know what’s happening… going to leave it in this state and report outcome… looks encouraging though!!! can we show screen shots on this forum? if so can you advise. Regards

RAM available is 2Gb… looks as though it’s stalled during set up sequence?

Is it possible that there might be graphics issues and that is why the install is stalling so early on.
Are there any options to chose (like in Debian) between graphical or text based installation?

What was the model of Samsung again, so I can look up the specs

And did Sparky boot to a working desktop in Live mode ?


Hi SeZo… I’ll check re your query. This seems to be at the point where things start to go ca put if this means anything to you:
perf interrupt took to long (5036>5000) lowering kernal.perf event -max-sample-rate to 25000.

This is the last line of the loader program before the screen blanks out except for the wave box! Remained in this state for at least 2hours without change…Any clues? I’m struggling here as I’m not good with computer technical issues, but any help is most welcome.

No it seems to hang during the loading progress screen.
Samsung model 500T. Intel Atom processor CPU Z2760 1.80Ghz. installed RAM 2Ghz. 32 bit system x86 processor.

Hope my description was clear… I get the grub menu appear with options to install Sparky or run in compatibilty mode. When I key ‘install’ the loading screen appears and lists through it’s actions, but slows down to show perf intercept to long message, thereafter it seems to hang!!

I’m wondering if this is possible … googling “Linux Z2760” or “Linux Clover Trail” suggests that Intel included some weird power management on the clover trail chips that’s incompatible with Linux.

Yet, googling some other devices that use clovertrail processors I found this:

So I’m wondering if you should try the:-


kernel boot parameter … do you know how to do this ?

Links to other possible clues;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/v3.15-z2760

Thanks again Mark… try anything at the moment! Yes if you can guide me through it please these computing instructions don’t mean a thing!! However I’m learning something. So good on ya… and hey, thanks for your time mate.
I’ll await your instructions, off to work now so have ago later today.

I’m back…

Yet, googling some other devices that use clovertrail processors I found this:

So I’m wondering if you should try the:-


kernel boot parameter … do you know how to do this ?
Shall we give it ago?

Doing dinner ATM … gimme an hour or so :wink: