Linux Chat

Hi, I’ve run up an OpenFire server at I’ve always been aware that the ‘chat’ facility here wasn’t the best in the world, would be interested to see if OpenFire is a better solution - if anyone has 10 mins to kill … :slight_smile:

To try it out, run up “Pidgin” and create a new account.
This will be a Jabber (or XMPP) account of the form, if you tick the right buttons it should try to create a new account for you.
Once in, you can friend others, or try to join the “LinuxForums” chat room …

If it proves useful, I’ll try to add a Javascript XMPP client for anyone not wanting to use Pidgin.
(incidentally, I’m using Empathy, this works just as well [better?] that Pidgin , with the exception it doesn’t seem to like ‘creating’ new accounts)

I think I’m being dumb here, but this is different from IRC? Or can I use my Android IRC client to connect?

Yes, different to IRC, yes, you can use an andoid client, but it’ll need to be an XMPP client, not IRC …
Think of XMPP as IRCv2.