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Ok so im fairly new to linux and to be quiet honest im new to anything apart from shooting or chopping things in my MMORPG games :slight_smile:

So far i have chucked out my windows 7 OS for a new cool shiny ubuntu 10.4 which works well but eager for the update come october.

So after cleansing my soul of windows i wanted to do the same for emails, currently using hotmail, i wanted to find a linux type email to show my new clan standing :stuck_out_tongue: unfortunatly google didnt give me any results. However this forum does. MP (Mad Penguin .admin) sorted me out with a zimbra type email with some cool features. So im gonna talk about this incase anyone else wanted a new email service to co-inside with your cool linux.

So from what i have understood so far i have a new email which has some cool features. I have one Main account name but i have pre-added (thanks to MP) personas which act like extra emails. For example i have:

#1-main name account (username account)
from what i can understand its its the overall address that can reply to all with this add.

#2-gaming tag email add (for pro online skills :P)
i wanted this to recieve emails from people i game with, recieve newsletters from my games, put on subscriptions and to whine at GM’s when my games are broken :slight_smile:

#3-professional name email (for the businessman hiding inside me)
i use this for the very boring real life stuff, applying for jobs, attaching my cv with fullaskills isnt the best thing to do. having my name looks professional even more so that it doesnt have numbers or dashes. i use it for online shopping, facebook.

#4-havent decided yet to be honest maybe for banking or something.

there are lots of cool features for you budding social networking people. there is a social tab that links your facebook and twitter page also something called digg. i dont really use facebook too much and i dont have twitter but the tab was user friendly.

you have basically tabs going accross the top and then their options as a list on the left of the screen. setting up my personas took about a minute. browsing through the other tabs and configuring them took about the same. there is a usefull calender, for the forgetful type like myself. address book, task tab, preference tab and the social tab. oh and ofcourse the email tab :smiley:

somewhere on the forums there are pictures of this zimbra tool. you can change the colour scheme too not a fan of grey and red. but its nice that soemthing as simple as that is also changable.

some equally nice features, in prefences you can put a spell check, great for me so i dont look stupid emailing an employer with bad grammer and spelling. signatures for each persona (so i can show my 1337ness on my gaming tag) there also seems to be some instant messaging connected to it but as i dont use those sort of software i cant quite test it.

Right so today i got the invoice for this package and i must say its pretty reasonable. for a years sub which includes 4 emails and all the above applications its gonna cost me 20 quid. and hey im on the doll so i dont know how you cant afford it to be honest. yes its not free but thats life good stuff aint free. so far ive got no junk mail, still transfering alot of stuff over though. also i feel better having a professional email, lets see if it helps get me work :slight_smile: i also feel alot better being part of a linux community, hopfully it will help me bring to light the better aspects of linux and one day be able to play my favourite mmorpg’s on a linux os :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for reading any questions let me know. (please dont hate on me if i cant spell or have bad grammer, the tinterwebs corrupted my english :P)

Here’s the Zimbra pics :wink:
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