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Ok best Linux distro for a newb whos moving from windows, always wanted a linux box even back in high school (wow 11 years fly by :frowning: ) recently got the feeling for linux again and wanted to know best distro im heading towards Ubuntu but you guys prob more experienced then me so im open to ideas.

Linux Mint 8 (helena)…or wait for Mint 9 (isadora)… which will be released late april, early may.

Mint is based on Ubuntu and even uses the Ubuntu repositories, but also installs unrar, and ALL the codecs (mp3 wma etc.) for media playback by default…Ubuntu doesn’t, although they are quite easy to install.

I just reckon Mint is Ubuntu ‘Made Easier’…specially for first time linux users… and because it’s basically Ubuntu with extras, you will never have problems with support, if a fix works for Ubuntu, it will work for Mint

If you want to know ore about Mint 8 Vs Ubuntu 9.10…see here:

The bit in that article about Mint not informing you of updates…is just WRONG…there is a lock icon in the system tray that informs you when updates are available…clicking on it installs them.

But before I get shot down by the Ubuntu fans… there isn’t much in it really, it’s comes down to personal choice… this is just MY opinion, and won’t suit everyone. :slight_smile:

Linux Mint Homepage -

thanks ill have a look but while waiting for my dads comp to reinstall windows i decided to give ubuntu a try but cant complete setup can find a post here,302.0.html i would assume linux mint would carry same problem ?