Linux Distros ready for ARMv6

Hi everyone,

Just had a look on and they have an article about the New Raspberry Pi PC on Chip system:

For those how dont know what Raspberry Pi is:

It was released today designed to work with Fedora ARMv6 distro and Linaro.

My question is does any one know of any other Distros that are ready for ARMv6?

AFAIK, Debian runs on ARM:

and so does Ubuntu:

Someones even working on an XBMC port for it called Raspbmc:


Ubuntu has always been able to run on v6 ARM. If you didn’t notice, Canonical are actually pushing ARM for servers now.

Actually no, Ubuntu has already stated that Ubuntu is being modified as we speak to run on the v6 (This is for the current version (11.10 and onwards).

The 10.04 LTS version has limited compatibility with ARM v6.

I should mention this is what I have heard from some of my Electronic Engineering buddies in my department at Uni so I will wait and see if this is true.


Can you post a link to this statement
(for Armv6 support in 11x)