Linux download speeds (SOLVED)


slightly related to my recent post, I yesterday downloaded VirtualBox 4.2.4, from the top of the list of downloads, the AMD64 version when I was booted into Mint 13. The download rate was an abysmal 130kB/s (about 1Mb/s) on a fibre optic “up to 60Mb/s” connection.

I this morning did the same download in WinXP64 and it was virtually instantaneous.

I was using Firefox both times.

Why the slow speed under Linux?

Tony N

What time did you download it on Linux yesterday?

What ISP are you with. There isn’t a chance they were throttling your speeds? Downloads in the morning aren’t throttled because it’s not classed as ‘peak time’.

Must have been a hiccup with the broadband connection. Have just done it again, 10:30 hrs, after deleting all previous VBox downloads, and it came down, bang, just like that.

Come to think of it, when I went to shut down last thing last night, 23:00 hrs, the broadband connection had totally dropped out, so I guess yesterday’s slowness was down to Virgin, not Linux.

Tony N

Hi, I spent three months in London over the summer on a Virgin Internet connection … just think yourself lucky you were able to download it at all!

When you get tired of thus experience, call BT and order “infinity” … £26 a month, speed test is telling me 60+ down and 17+ up … and I’m out in the sticks!

If BT tell you it’s not enabled in you are … cry … :cry:

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