Linux for an old Dell XPS 210


I’m so stupid. I’ve been pulling the PC in and out all day for this and that and I had dislodged the audio cable. I always tell my kids to check that first and now I’ve made the same mistake.


Thanks again.

haha, no worries, I know the pain of that happening :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all your help.

I’ll come back if I have any more problems.



Skype IS in the repos … and its better to install from there.

Can you run:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install skype

As long as you enabled the “Canonical Partners” repository at “Stage 4” of the tutorial … then update/refresh the package cache it will be available :wink:

Much better/easier idea than downloading it directly from the interweb … which is a BAD windows habit.
It will also be automagically kept up to date by the updater.

Thanks Mark,

I’ll give that a go.



Please refresh the page, then re-read may last posting … I was editing it when you posted :slight_smile:


I might not have enabled “Canonical Partners” when I did that stage. My bad. Do I just go back and redo that stage?


I didn’t click the “Canonical Partners” or the ones with “source code” in brackets.


You can enable it in Synaptic
menu>System Tools>Synaptic Package Manager
then go to Settings>Repositories>Other Software (tab) … and put a tick against Canonical Partners
Remember to reload in Synaptic to refresh the software list.
Then search for Skype

Yup … do as SeZo says … OR … enable the “Canonical Partners” in Synaptic … then close Synaptic … then open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install skype

Whichever way you do it … you’ll then find it in the menus at:-

Thanks for all this.

Works brilliantly. Do you think it will be a suitable for my friend’s Samsung netbook?

And if so, when I get to the Allocate drive space part in stage 2 can I just allocate part of it to peppermint and if so how much?


Yes you can allocate jut part of the drive to Peppermint … but as with ALL partition manipulation, there is a small risk of corruption, so back up first … it’s a very small risk, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it.
(I’d also recommend running a file system check, and defrag in Windows first)

How much space, depends on how much free space he has on the drive … and how much extra software he intends to install in Peppermint.

I have Skype running on Peppermint 3 so that should not be a problem.

I am running it on a 12 year old IBM ThinkPad so you should not have any issues.

I have also found that using the house mains wiring and Netgear adaptors giges me the benifts of a wired network without the wires.

Thanks for that. I’ll give it a go. :slight_smile: