Linux from scratch

hi im looking to build my own linux os/distro
can anyone help me i looing to know what the distro to use for build
i have a free 40GB hdd and so space iroblems not a p

Are you planning a “Linux from scratch” as the title suggests … or are you wanting to modify an already existing distro, such as Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu/etc. then supply it as an ISO for LiveCD/LiveUSB ?


You may want to look into the Ubuntu Customisation Kit:

for easy modification of existing Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu/Edubuntu ISO images.
(may also work with other Ubuntu based distro’s such as Mint/PeppermintOS/etc.)


I doubt the OP wants to create linux from scratch, he would have been doing it already, if he possesses the know how. :smiley:
On the other hand if he only wants to buld his vesion of linux distro from common components,
then he could try SUSE Studio or just start with (example) Debian net install and build on that.

You’re probably right … but the topic title seemed too much of a coincidence.

Yup, those are options too :slight_smile:

Not sure I’d wanna end up with a Suse based OS … but to each their own :wink: … building on Debain is a good idea but will require more knowledge if you want to end up with a finished ISO with your own applications etc.

this may not be the answer but whats wrong starting with a basic arch os starting point as for a “new distro” id go debian but thats just my likes/dislikes showing :-[
and of course what is the new os intended to be used for .
ive never thought of L F S how does it work ?

You compile the OS, from scratch, locally.
It takes a long time.
For those who find such experiences to be educational, it is regarded as the best way to “really learn Linux”.
For everyone else it is an eldritch horror that shall not be contemplated.

Think of it this way - you decide you want a car. Do you a) go to the showroom and buy one, new or otherwise; b) go and buy a fixer-upper some manuals and spare parts, or; c) go and buy a lathe, a power press, a bunch of tools and a pile of sheet metal and begin construction?