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I downloaded the Image for this and gave it a try running it from the CD.I think,on balance,I will stick with the one I already have,which is Isodora 9,with (I think:the Gnome system)and also seems to be a lot more user friendly than the KDE version.
Kenny (that is one of the reasons I like Linux , because I can have my “main” system installed and still try out newer,and older systems from CD without having to reload into the hard drive

I’ve discovered it is possible to have the KDE Plasma desktop workspace running in the GNOME desktop manager, so you keep all the gnome panels, menus, and applications, but get the Plasma widgets/workspace too, there is an Ubuntu based distro called “Manhattan OS” that does just that:

and an explanation of how to do it yourself here:

I haven’t tried this myself, so can’t comment on how well it works, but apparently you can switch Plasma workspace off “at will” with a script.

Yeeesssss … but Compiz doesn’t work with Xinerama so not much use to people wanting more than one screen … :frowning:
[isn’t that everyone these days? :wink: ]

I was just reading that according to StatCounter (how do they know?), that Linux is now on 0.86% of machines worldwide, now if you consider that a fairly small percentage of those have multiple monitors… I reckon that would be just you then. :wink:

StatCounter link:

Mmm, thinks … May 2008, CNET said ~ 2% …

May 2009, W3 Counter said ~ 2% …

Looking at google analytics;

Visits to my “company” website, 45.74%
Visits to, 14.48%
Visits to the forums, 58.91%
Visits to “”, 1.81%
Visits to “”, 3.88%
etc etc …

In general, non-technical sites between 1% and 2% and more technical sites, anything between 15% and 60%.
(and you have to bear in mind that the UK is pretty ‘backwards’ [relatively speaking] when it comes to Open Source and Linux, so globally this will be higher)

I don’t think an unfair estimate would be 1.5% for non-tekkies and maybe 15%+ for the more ‘with it’.

However, you show me someone who’s used a machine with two screens who will go back to using one without kicking and screaming, I’ll show you a blind pensioner.

And before anyone asks ‘why’ we’re so backward, the answer is that although we are the ‘flagship of democracy’, we have one of the most undemocratic, corrupt and morally bankrupt governments on the planet and a population that works so hard it’s too weary to do anything about it. Anyway, I’ve been laying tiles all afternoon and I’m knackered, time for a nap, where’s my curry? :wink:

Well I never said they were correct… (not to mention how these figures/charts would change if you included Windows mobile, along with Android, and other Linux based mobiles/devices, and the fact that most Windows/Mac users will be connecting through a router running Linux)… It would be interesting to have figures on OS use on devices worldwide.

Use of multiple monitors probably makes up a larger proportion of Linux users than Windows users, precisely because of the “tekkie” nature of its user base… although hopefully this is changing… I mean the “for tekkies only” image Linux used to have :slight_smile:

Hmm… Blind pensioners, multiple monitors… interesting concept, or personal experience… I don’t suppose you where ever a monitor salesman by any chance :wink:

It would be interesting to have figures on OS use on *devices* worldwide.

Mmm, impossible to measure atm … everyone is just guessing really …

Moving from one monitor to multiple monitors is (IMHO) as profound as moving from Windows to Linux, indeed I find working on a one screen machine for any length of time pretty much as painful as having to work on a Windows box.
(back me up here Jon!)

I’ve an NVidia Quadro with 3x21" monitors and 1x23" widescreen at present … my next machine will have two Quadro’s in it … I reckon an array of 2x3 Widescreens should be optimal, I’m just waiting for someone to come out with an affordable LCD grid stand that supports 2x3 widescreens …


the USA is more corupt than the UK lol. and the latest UK stats show that most english ppl dont want to work. Thats why we have so many ppl from other countries here. IE only 30% of ppl in my city r english. 50% r polish. English workers always want more pay for less hrs. Yes there r some very hard working English ppl but most r lazy.

Yes, but “why” are they lazy?

Because we have a broken welfare system that lets them be lazy?
A broken immigration policy that lets people come into the country and take jobs for less pay?
Or an over regulated employment system that discourages employers from taking on more staff?

All three maybe?