Linux Mint

I’m interested in learning how to use linux and explore it a bit find some helpful useful software. Maybe learn some of the tricky looking commands. I’ve managed to install Mint myself so any help or pointers would be good. Thanks in advance. Oh and hello this is my first post.

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Hi HeatOfLisboa67, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Any questions in particular ?

Or maybe you’re after some useful resources ? … maybe see here:

not in particular perhaps what is the best way to approach learning command line from terminal?

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That’s a hard question to answer, what suited me may not suit everyone else … I just learned by jumping in at the deep end and researching questions asked on this forum. I’m not a “book learner”.

There are plenty of online resources though :wink:

One tip is to open a terminal and use;
man man
man ls
man -k bash

I learnt by purchasing the book;
Essential System Administration

I don’t want it easy however there is a time and place for difficult tutorials I’d like a user friendly option of learning is Mint the best for the purpose or should I have another distribution?

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Mint is as good as any other … it’s based on Ubuntu, so 99% of Ubuntu tutorials/documentation/articles/help will apply to it, and there’s plenty out there.