Linux starter Pack and a Linux for a NEW user

hello I came across this bundle for £15.

OpenSuse 12.1 DVD
Mandriva 2011 DVD
PCLinuxOS 2012.02 CD
Ubuntu 11.10 CD
SimplyMepis 11.0 DVD
Linux Mint 12 CD

They are a ALL O/S so why would it be worth buying them all??? Can anybody tell me? If you want to try out 6 different O/S’s then i see the point. At the moment i am thinking of getting one for my Desktop PC which currently runs XP satisfactorily and my Netbook which at present has Ubuntu 11.10 and is giving me some problems.

As a Linux dummy could you recommend one for each of my computers? As i said in another post i am impressed with Ubuntu 11.10 but still have problems with it that need ironing out. considering Linpus Lite.

Oh the webpage for these is at

IMHO don’t bother with Linpus Lite … If I were you I’d either stick with Ubuntu and ask (here) for help with whatever your problems are … or try Linux Mint which is basically Ubuntu with some extra codecs and stuff installed by default.

You will find help (and tutorials) easier to come by for Ubuntu, and as Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, most help will directly translate to Mint too.

If your hardware is limited (eg. a small amount of RAM) I’d suggest PeppermintOS (Two) which again is based on Ubuntu (11.04) but uses the lighter LXDE desktop environment … but we may be better placed to advise if you tell us a little about your hardware, and what your requirements are :slight_smile:

As for buying a DVD with a few distro’s on it … personally I wouldn’t bother, I’d just download them for free, but like magazine coverdisks they can be handy for people with limited or capped internet connectivity … that’s about the only reason I can think of to “pay” for them :slight_smile:

Links -

Linux Mint:

PeppermintOS (Two)

Also be aware these are just my opinions, and other peoples will differ … you’ve just asked a question that will no doubt get you a lot of differing opinons :wink:

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t bother buying the disk bundle. I’d just go and download them, and burn them to a couple of CD’s.

Not only is it a bit of a con, when you can download them free, but magazine disks these days tend to be those “eco-disks” and a lot of older drives don’t like them, and won’t read them.

Unless you’ve got capped, or limited internet availability, then I’d say it’s a no go.

OK. About the hardware.

My net book is an Intel Atom N450; has 1.66Ghz x 2 ( x 2 mean two processorsi think?); is 32-bit and has 2GB Ram

The PC (custom build) is an ADM Athlon x 2 240 processor; 2.80 Ghz and 3.25 GB Ram

as for requirements, surfing ,emails, photos, music, some downloads, watching Iplayer - the latter 3 mainly for PC but while away net also. i think Ubuntu is good for these? Also would you recommend 11.04 as more reliable than 11.10?

If all your using it for is that, then you’d be better off with Peppermint 2. Seeing as it’s lightweight, fast and reliable you can do the tasks mentioned easily within it.

I was on Ubuntu 11.04 before I switched to Peppermint 2, which is based on 11.04, more specifically Lubuntu 11.04, so I can still install the latest software, etc, but have the added benefit of Peppermint being extremely lightweight and super fast.

Iplayer works fine for me, no lag or any other weird behaviours. :slight_smile:
Also running Firefox & Thunderbird simultaneously side-by-side and there’s no drop in performance at all, whilst checking my mail or surfing the web.

As with regards to Ubuntu 11.04 being more stable than 11.10, I wouldn’t say so. In 11.04 Unity is definitely a lot less mature than it is in 11.10 when they patched a few things and added some newer features. So the downgrade isn’t really worth it, unless your switching to something like Peppermint 2.

i forgot to mention Skype. Very important to me. I suppose it will run that OK.

Actually downloading peppermint 2 as i write. It will be good for my netbook by the sound of it. My PC can use Ubuntu when i get around to it later.

Thanks for the information.

There is a native Skype application in the software repositories. :slight_smile:

They will both happily run the FULL Ubuntu or Mint … but here’s what I’d install …

On the netbook … PeppermintOS (Two) … I have this on my Acer Aspire One (8GB SSD, 1.5GB RAM, N270 CPU) and it suits the netbook perfectly.
It’s based on Ubuntu 11.04 so has access to the Ubuntu software repositories (all the latest software) … I must point out that it is a “cloud” type distribution, so most of the default applications are internet based (google docs etc.) but there’s nothing to stop you installing things like LibreOffice locally (which installs with just a few mause clicks from the Synaptic package manager) … it is also VERY quick, and as your CPU is basically the same as mine (single core, dual thread), I would expect similar performance :slight_smile:

There’s a tutorial for installing PeppermintOS (Two) on an Acer Aspire One here:
Which should all apply to your netbook, with maybe the exception of the hardware fixes (stage 10 and 11).

As for the desktop … I’d go for Ubuntu or Mint … but I’d probably wait till the end of April for the the 12.04 to be released, 12.04 being an LTS release (LTS + Long Term Support) … then if you don’t like the default desktop (Unity) you can always change it to Gnome3 or gnome-session-fallback (which is more like the older Gnome2.x desktop.
as for requirements, surfing ,emails, photos, music, some downloads, watching Iplayer - the latter 3 mainly for PC but while away net also. i think Ubuntu is good for these? Also would you recommend 11.04 as more reliable than 11.10?
Or you could just go with PeppermintOS on both … though again I’d expect there to be a new release of Peppermint shortly after Ubuntu 12.04 is released, based in it rather than 11.04.

as for requirements, surfing ,emails, photos, music, some downloads, watching Iplayer - the latter 3 mainly for PC but while away net also. i think Ubuntu is good for these?

Any Linux distribution will be fine for the uses you list.

Also would you recommend 11.04 as more reliable than 11.10?

Not really … although if you definitely want the older Gnome2 desktop, then 11.04 was the last version to have that.

Distributions I use

Desktop PC = Ubuntu 11.10 (with the Gnome 3 desktop … I don’t like the default Unity desktop)

Netbook = PeppermintOS (Two) … which though it takes a little tweaking such as installing some “local” software, I absolutely love … that much I’m in two minds whether to stick it on my desktop.

As BkS says … Skype is in the default software repositories for Ubuntu, Mint, and PeppermintOS … and is an easy install.

See the Peppermint tutorial, it’s in that :wink:

Thanks for all the info Mark and BKS.

I took your advice and installed peppermint 2 OS on my net book and I love it. Much faster than the XP i used before and i like the downloads you can get.

I plan to sell the netbook and get a new one in a few months. Had the emachine for nearly two years and it needs a new battery. Not sure how many eBay users will appreciate Linux without trying it first. So maybe more difficult to sell?

Now toying with the idea of using it for my desktop PC or using Ubuntu 11.10 instead?

The sad fact is you’re probably right … most people on eBay won’t know what Linux or PeppermntOS is, so it would probably sell easier with Windows.

Ubuntu vs Peppermint on the desktop PC … Hmm, tough one this … Peppermint is certainly quicker, and if you like its interface why change, there is something to be said for having a consistent desktop across your devices. Ubuntu on the other hand has easier GUI tools for some things (like right-clicking a folder to share it across the network instead of having to manually add shares to smb.conf).

So the choice is yours … do you want speed and consistency of dekstop environment, but may be a little harder to set up how you want it.

Or do you want ease of set up, but heavier.

The hardware being used will certainly be a factor in your decision, and may (if limited) make the choice for you.

ATM, I use Ubuntu on my main desktop PC, and Peppermint on my Netbook … but I’m giving serious consideration to using Peppermint on both … actually I’m waiting for Ubuntu 12.04 to be released at the end of this month, and hopefully PeppermintOS 3 shortly afterwards, then I’ll make up my mind.