Linux Supported Printers

If your unsure whether or not your current printer is supported by Linux, you can simple check out the link below to see if your printer has Linux support.

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  • Works Perfectly.

  • Works Mostly.

  • Works Partially.

? ? ? - Unknown.

  • No Support (“Paperweight”).

I came home this weekend to find that my mum bought a Lexmark Impact S305 for £39 at Morrisons about a fortnight ago.

It hasn’t been opened yet and I wanted some opinions whilst we still have the recite because I’m not too knowledgeable with printers and this exact model isn’t coming up on

It says on the box that Linux is supported but it also says something about a caution with Debian, SUSE and Ubuntu in Spanish. Though it says nothing helpful in English. ¬¬
Also, is it any good as a printer? If its crap, what was’s recommended printer again?

There appears to be Linux drivers available for this printer - Here:

If you are using Ubuntu, get the .deb version -

It doesn’t specifically mention 10.04, but does mention 9.10, so will probably be OK… but most people like to go with ‘HP’ priners/AIO’s because they very well supported in Linux.

Hmm . . . 3 year guarantee, which usually indicates quality.

At least, it does for power supplies. I’ll try it in a few minutes, though I just hope the ink-usage isn’t abysmal, like our last printer.

EDIT: I sould probably mention, this is for our old Dell Dimension, with a CeleronD, 2GB of memory, a few dead USB ports and running vanilla Ubuntu 9.10.

Lexmark’s support for Linux (historically) has been very poor. I’ve binned more than one Lexmark after finding that I can’t make it work, even tho’ the documentation says it will. (although that’s not to say this ‘specific’ model won’t work … but be warned …)

With printers “you get what you pay for” is (generally speaking) very apt. For £39 you might get a decent ink refill … so if you have a printer for £39, well, if you’ve not opened it you might consider taking it back (!) [just for kick off, these cheap packs usually contain only a ‘sample’ ink cart capable of printing a dozen sheets, so checkout the cost of refills!]

Recommended printer; HP LaserJet 1320 … Works perfectly with Linux, likely to last you 5-10 years under home/small office load … never seen one develop a fault, almost never sticks or jams … toner is relatively cheap, good page rate and does duplex printing… Compared to a cheap inkjet which might last you a few months, is likely to stick, jam, complain about the wrong sort of paper and cost you a fortune in ink.

Good thing I got lazy and didn’t open it, then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll keep an eye out for a HP 1320, thanks.

Unless you know a good place that sells them. :slight_smile:

Not bought one recently (strangely :wink: ) but I previously bought half a dozen from PC World “Business” online … they seemed to be the cheapest, good delivery times etc… (far better than trying to buy one from a store!) Toner you can pretty much get from any ink supplier, it seems like “common” stock …

There is general rule: If a printer does understand postscript, the printer will work with Linux. One of the std. options of CUPS (Common Unix Print System) is a native postscript printer. This option does not support the most features of modern printer, but will ensure that you can use the printer.

The caveat being that it tends to be the more expensive printers that support postscript (!) , another good rule of thumb; if your printer supports HP PCL version 5 or 6, it’s probably going to work pretty well too … :slight_smile:

I have a Brother MFC-J615W and got every thing to work…even the scanner (all through the desktop) and I use Ubuntu