Linux Voice - A new Free Software and Linux magazine

There is a new Free Software and Linux magazine called Linux Voice on the horizon, from the ex-editors of the Linux Format.
You can help it getting off the ground by supporting the Indiegogo campaign to raise the £90,000 Goal.

Dunno what I think of this … Mike Saunders (of MikeOS fame) seems a genuinely helpful guy … but I had some bad experiences with some of the other contributors to Linux Format (who behaved like arrogant school kids).

I won’t name names, and from what I can see they aren’t involved in this … but I think I’ll wait for further info first.

Interesting concept though … and if the particular person I’m thinking of isn’t part of this, I wish them luck :slight_smile:

I’ve been a subscriber to the Linux Format magazine for a long time and always enjoyed the quality content.
I think the idea of an independent magazine, without any shareholders to answer to, (and produced by the ex-Linux Format guys) is pretty exciting.
The way I see it that my contribution (however small) will help in putting another Linux magazine on the shelves (among zillions of Windows and Mac) can only be a good thing.

Just a quick update on the status of the Indiegogo campaign .
They managed to raise £70k and still have 20 days to go.
So if you have not signed up yet there is still time.

OK, things have moved on since my last post on this topic.
I have received my copy of the magazine on Friday.
According to Linux Voice it will be on sale on UK newsstands from the 27th of February so you can grab yourselves a copy.
Only had a chance to quickly page through (being busy and all that) but my first impressions are very positive.
You can also read a quick review here by Robert Rijkhoff

Cheers for the update … I’ll probably grab a copy just to check it out.

I bought the second issue in WH Smiths last week … probably the only Linux mag I’ve seen in the last few years that’s worth paying money for …

How much is it? Other Linux mags are like £6, all because they come with a cover CD that I don’t care about (if I wanna test drive a distro, I’ll download it, simple)

I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one on this forum to check this mag out…

How much is it?
It costs £5.99. The cover CD does not make any difference as it will be the same with or without. If you are interested, you can still take out a digital subs for £38.00 (1 year) here

Yeah, a music mag that I like does the same - physical copy is £6, digital copies on Google Play Magazines are only £3, and you get the option to download the software from the physical copies CD!