Linux & Windows {solved}

I have just put a new hard drive in my other laptop. Can I install Linux (Ubuntu 12.4) and then later install windows 7?
What order do I have to install and can I have a proper install of Ubuntu not a wubi one.


As long as there’s only one HDD, or Win7 is going to be installed on the first HDD … YES.


Be Aware … Win7 during its installation will overwrite the GRUB bootloader (leaving only Windows bootable), so that will need to be reinstalled from a LiveCD (or you could use BCDedit to add Linux to the Windows 7 bootloader).

It’s generally “easier” to install Windows first :wink:

Thanks I will do windows first, will just have to wait for Compaq to send out the windows disk. Was hoping to have it up and working by this weekend. It was a hard drive fail, they were quick to send me a new hard drive but it will take 10 days for the windows disk and driver to arrive. Hay oh will just have to wait.



I think it will be wise to wait for the windows disk as it is going to be more than likely a rescue type disk which will just re-image the HDD,
thus wiping out any partitions you might have created. :frowning:

Typical windows wanting to be in charge. ::slight_smile: