Liux Mint Photoprint. SOLVED

Before I upgrade from Linux Mint 19.3 to Linux Mint 20.1 is Photoprint or equivalent available in Mint 20.1.

I’m running xubuntu 20.04 and it’s not in the repos so it looks like the short answer is no
I used to use Photoprint myself and loved it but I gave up on it through lack of development, it seem the last update it had was around 2010 (0.4.2)
see here
which is a shame because it was a superb application.
The last pre-package binary file I can find is for 18.04 but there’s dependency issues and it wont install on my system.
you’ll find it here
Source files here

If it’s any help I use showfoto which can do the same job and a lot more but it’s a KDE application

Good luck


It doesn’t seem to be. It’s reported as having problems on modern systems, which is not surprising since the last version dates from 2010.

A photo-editing tool might do the same job — have a look here

Probably not very helpful; but I installed photoprint_0.4.2-pre2 about a year ago on Ubuntu 18.04 and it’s working well.
I can’t remember where I installed it from, but the fact that it’s working gives cause for hope, although perhaps it’s only good on the full Ubuntu installation.


Hello Graeme, David & Keith.

Sorry I’ve not replied before now and thanks for your replies and note that Photoprint isn’t available in Mint 20.1 that’s a pity Photoprint is simple to use. I’ll have a look at your individual suggestions for other applications before installing Mint 20.1. and consider this item is solved.


This item has been solved.


Thanks, Goalie - and good luck with progress.

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Thanks for your reminder as to how to confirm problem is ‘Solved’. I’m still learning how to use Linux Mint and Forum. I have another problem I will send as a new topic later.


Many thanks, Goalie - we’ll see you later.