loading ubuntu

I would like to know if i can install a user friendly Ubuntu on a blank hard drive (no windows) if so which version would be best for a newbie.

Yes you can. You can install any Ubuntu version on a blank hard drive.

You can download it here: Get Ubuntu | Download | Ubuntu

You can decide whether or not you want to install it, or if you want to give it a try first. Simply download a LiveCD or LiveUSB.
I would suggest you find out whether or not you can run a x64-bit version of Ubuntu, or if you can only run a 32-bit version.

Note: You cannot run a 64-bit version of any OS on a 32-bit architecture.

Once you’ve downloaded it to either a LiveUSB or a LiveCD, you’ll have to boot from your USB/CD at start-up. Please make sure your PC/Laptop can boot from a USB before downloading the LiveUSB version. Once you’ve booted from it, you’ll be asked whether you want to try it first, or whether you want to install it. If you are going to install it, ensure there are no other drives connected to your motherboard to ensure that no loss of data or corruption happens.

Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu & Edubuntu are all now just one, which is Ubuntu, so it's easier to choose. If you need anymore assistance, don't hesitate to post here for help.

Thank you very much BKS the machine in question is an Acer Aspire 5735Z i’m pretty sure it is a 32 bit so i will give it a go.

What is the model number of your 5735Z? You’ll find it on the bottom of your laptop. If you can tell me the model number, I’ll be able to tell you whether you are x64-bit compatible or not, that way it’ll be easier to advise you as well.


EDIT: I believe your running a Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3200? Correct? If so, then you are 64-bit compatible. :slight_smile:

Hi again, my processor is Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3400 number is M52253 and once again thank you for your time and patience.

You are still 64-bit compatible, so I would encourage you to download the amd64 version of Ubuntu.

I agree, Ubuntu is probably your best bet, if for no other reason than you will find help easier to come by.

You can download the ISO LiveCD disk image for 64bit Ubuntu desktop from here:

MD5 checksum = 7de611b50c283c1755b4007a4feb0379

or the ISO LiveCD disk image for 32bit Ubuntu desktop from here:

MD5 checksum = 8b1085bed498b82ef1485ef19074c281

You can use this free (Windows) program to check the MD5 checksum:

And ImgBurn to burn the ISO image to disk (CD or DVD):

Tutorial for burning an ISO image to CD/DVD with ImgBurn here:

Hint - On the second picture, where it says
Write Speed: MAX
Change it to
Write Speed: X4

A couple of questions first though…

a) is this going to be the ONLY hard drive attached to the system, or is it going to be a dual boot system with Windows on one drive and Linux on the other.

b) is it an external drive ?

c) if Windows is on a separate drive, do you NOT want Linux to overwrite the Windows bootloader ?

d) If it’s on an external drive, do you want it to contain its own bootloader, so it can be booted on any PC ?

A - one drive only
B - internal
C - no windows Ubuntu will be the only operating system
I have visitors just arrived so won’t be able to concentrate for a few days,hope yer still here when i can get back to this.thank you.

If it’s an internal drive, and there’s no Windows to worry about… yes… just download Ubuntu, burn it to CD/DVD, and boot to the CD… select “Install Ubuntu” and when asked, tell it to use the whole drive.

There is an 11.04 installation walkthrough here:

Ignore everything above the “Installation Procedure” section.

If you aren’t setting up a dual-boot system, it really is very easy to install Ubuntu… easier than Windows anyway :wink:

First of all i would like to thank Mark Greaves (who has helped me in the past) and also BkS for the help, I was trying to load Ubuntu server by mistake but i’ve rectified it now, with the desktop version.

Heh… I can see how that would confuse… you don’t want to be using the “server edition” unless you’re VERY comfortable with the command line :wink:

i was trying to read war and peace, and should have been reading Thomas the tank engine. thanks mark

This reminds me! I’m supposed to send MP a payment for the invoice he sent me weeks ago. D: Damn… I’ll speak to him lol.