login problem Peppermint 8 (SOLVED)

To: Some one who knows? After dual booting Peppermint 8 with Win 10 (Mark Greaves did it really) I changed the login sequence to not need a password which
I shall not be doing again when this is sorted. I’m writing this post in Win 10. When I try to access Peppermint 8 I’m in a permanent loop at the login screen. I also cannot connect to the internet as a guest user so will have to answer hopefully your replies through Win 10 or through Peppermint 8 on an asus eeepc.
Yours sincerely, Norman Liddle.

Sorry I can be of no help Norman.
I am running a perfectly good Peppermint 8 alongside Windows 10 that my grandson uses. He needs more room and I don’t need access to Pep 8 now so I want rid of Pep 8. So it looks as if we have opposite problems. I am sure Mark will be along soon and sort us all out.
I have had my grandson visiting since Saturday evening so I haven’t been able to access until now.

take care
Don W
EDIT Forgot to say that I usually have a look back through the threads here as someone else may have experienced the problem before. You can get a good idea of what to do that way.

I changed the login sequence to not need a password

Can you explain how you did that ?

I access the users and groups window in peppermint 8. I ticked the button/icon to not need to login with a password. Rebooted but still had to login
with a password? So in the users and groups I deleted the password in the first field? an error on my behalf I think? and re ticked the button/icon to
not login with a password.
I’m hoping Mark that I can reset the password from the terminal window in the guest session? but have not yet learnt the syntax or commands in
the terminal command line. I looked through the FAQ posts and old posts regarding passwords but could only find posts relating to Linpus Lite which
you mentioned would probably not work in ubuntu distros. I’m posting this from an asus eepc as the guest session on the acer has no internet access?
I don’t know why as the main session which I am locked out of has internet access. Yours sincerely, Norman Liddle.

You cannot fix this from the guest account as it doesn’t have ‘sudo’ permission.

I’ll post instructions how to log into single user mode and change your password tomorrow … bit late tonight.

Okay, to reset your password…

You need to boot into ‘recovery mode’, so turn off your computer … then turn it on again.

Once at the GRUB menu use the down arrow key to select the “Advanced” menu item, and hit enter.

Select the first entry that ends with “(recovery mode)” and hit enter.

You should now be presented with a with a few options … select the option “root Drop to a root shell prompt” and hit enter.

When you end up at an # prompt, run:

mount -o rw,remount /

(that’s a comma between rw and remount)


passwd username

where ‘username’ is your actual system username … if you’re not sure what your username is, running

ls /home

may give you a clue.

When you run the ‘passwd’ command you will be asked for a new password … enter it, and hit enter … you will be prompted for it again … enter it again and hit enter.
(be aware, when typing the password nothing will be echoed to screen but it is going in)

When done, reboot with:

shutdown -r now

then use your new password to login.

One you’re back in, let me know and i’ll tell you how to set autologin if you want.

Hi Mark, cannot get passed the first command re: special device remount does not exist? any help is appreciated. will keep trying after this post.
Yours Norman.

Are you sure you’re entering the command properly, with the comma between rw and remount … and the -o being a lower case O (not a zero)

The command is

mount -o rw,remount /


Hi Mark, have now passed the re-enter password stage but still cannot login I have changed the password twice but to no avail. As I am typing the
system takes over and does its own thing is, there a time limit to enter commands? Also initially I am asked after entering root is it (maintenance or
continue) when I press control&D to continue it gives a menu to continue to normal boot so I just go with maintenance? After confirming the password the system jumps to the original menu options ? I have not been able to use the shutdown -r now command from the #prompt. yours Norman.
ps have to go now but will continue thanks for the help.

Don’t hit Crtl+D … hit Enter, which should leave you at an # prompt.

Hi Mark, I will know these commands shortly by not looking at your data. I am now at the stage where the prompts are telling me that the password
has been updated successfully, but when I start to type (shutdown -r now) the system scrolls with a load of data. When I do manage to reboot the system
usually by holding down the power on key, because every thing appears to have locked up. Yours norman.

Hi Mark, apologies for being a pain, have just completed your instructions without a hitch even rebooted successfully with (shutdown -r now)
But when I try to login with the new password there is no option(my user name is above the login window so I know that is correct,all I have is
log in but when I try to enter the password it just does not want to know? Yours Norman.

What happens if you get to the login screen, then hit Ctrl+F2 to drop to a consle…

then log in in text mode…

then run:

sudo service lightdm restart

Hi Mark, nothing happens at the login screen using Control and F2, Yours Norman.

Sorry Norman, typo … I mean Ctrl+Alt+F2

Hi Mark, I have the normanliddle-Aspire-ES1-571 login:

Hi Mark, I have ended up with a prompt for normanliddle@normanliddle-Aspire=ES1-571~$. Above this it says signature not found in user keyring
Perhaps try the interactive ‘encryptfs-mount-private’ Yours norman.
ps I have to go away tomorrow wild camping again for a fortnight if I cannot sort this out is it OK to contact you when I get back?

I seriously hope you didn’t choose full disk encryption when you installed Peppermint (?)

When you get to this prompt
normanliddle-Aspire-ES1-571 login:
type in your username and hit enter.

Then when prompted for your password, type it in and hit enter.

You should now be at an “$” prompt … run:

sudo service lightdm restart

and hit enter.

When prompted for your password, type it in and hit enter.

What happened ?

And sure, we can pick this up anytime you want.

I may be a little slow to respond though, super busy getting Peppermint 9 ready … it’s that time of year again.

Hi Mark, I’m back. Hope Peppermint 9 is going well for you. Followed your instructions re: sudo service lightdm restart. Prompt asked for login name,
then password, then password again. It appeared to reset itself but put me back to the little login window asking for login instead of asking me for a pa’ssword?
I don’t think I encrypted the drive but cannot remember? If I did i won’t in future. Yours Norman.

Have you got a LiveUSB ?

If so, can you boot to it and post the output from:

sudo fdisk -l


sudo blkid