Looking for advice or ideas

Hi Folks, I’m looking for a little advice from anyone who might have any experience with industry specific cherished number plates (in the UK).


I’ve been sitting on this plate for nigh on 30 years and I’ve reached a point where I would consider any value attached to it better invested in the Linux project I’m working on than sat on my drive.

Having contacted UK plate brokers, they seem focused on the number of letters and whether a plate can be read as another “word” or someone’s “name”, rather than attaching any value to “subject matter”.

Does anyone have an experience of selling a plate like this, or any advice on how to go about it?

Why not try eBay or one of the many, free, selling sites such as Preloved (where I just found several) or Gumtree. Prices go from ~£100 to the stratosphere.
I wouldn’t bother with brokers as they seem to charge a lot for the service, and since you are clearly not in a rush you can afford to wait until someone “bites”. One trick is to renew your advert frequently to keep it in the top few of any search, and to gradually decrease the price until it reaches its perceived value.
By the way: how much are you expecting for it?

Mmm, I have seen plates on eBay and the net results don’t sound good. At one point a chap with L7NUX put his plate up with a picture of the 7, well, maybe looking a little more like a 1 (!) … at one point I think it got up to quite a lot, but from the reports it doesn’t sound like he got paid.

For a very historical reference;

So the answer to your question, I’ve no real idea, although Auctions (to an extent) do seem to be a case of who’s looking at the time …

I used to own my own garage business now recently retired, I quite often had to supply plates mainly for MOT failures (cracked or disfigured letters etc) the law clamped down on the supply of plates I think around 2004 because people were arranging letters to make names etc, ie placing the No1 close to the No3 to make the letter B so in order to supply plates I had to register with a supplier who themselves had to be registered with the DVLA, I had to keep a record of every plate I supplied, Only registered suppliers were allowed to make plates and they had to be made to a strict format on machines approved by the DVLA, but that was then since then I’ve noticed nobody really pays much attention to the rules and I see almost every day plates that are clearly illegal, So beware check with the DVLA what the rules are and make sure any plate you buy conforms, because although they don’t seem to be implementing the law now that’s not to say it won’t change in the future

I misunderstood your question MP so my last post is moot, such a shame Linus Torvalds doesn’t live in the UK he’d give his soul for that number

Absolutely, going back many years I could buy plates for my car (and bike at one point) and they would ask how I wanted it to look … in more recent years however they just deliver a fixed format, which I guess is a condition of their registration.

As my plate is a “1” then it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone buying it as the standard “1” is just a vertical bar which looks rather like an “I” :wink:


I get the feeling Linus is more interested in code than aesthetics, but you never know :wink: