Looking for team to help develop gaming console

Hello, I am currently in a three man team. We are currently trying to develop an open source gaming console. The console will run on Linux. We are currently looking for anyone who is interested in joining us in creating the console. Right now all we have are user interface designs, a few documents on how we plan to approach the development, and some early specs for the console. We are looking for team members that are dedicated and are willing to help bring our dreams to a reality. We are looking for writers and programmers. If you think you can help leave a comment down below, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate ask. Thanks for your time.

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to explain a bit more than that if you don’t want to get laughed out of the forum.

So you think you can compete with the likes of Valves Steam, and/or the manufacturers of the SteamBoxes with a 3 man team ?

I’m not trying to offend, just being honest with my question :wink:

Agreed - the Steamboxes are supposed to be “open-source”, in that they are basically PCs, so components can be chopped and changed as need be (including the case). So…why attempt to re-invent the wheel? Admittedly, Steamboxes per se aren’t on sale yet, but then again, neither is your console :wink:

Yeah we know we cant create something that can compete with the steam boxes with only three members, this is why we are looking for more members. We are looking to create something more different. We want to give gamers the option to either play on controller or on mouse and keyboard(obviously fixed to where there will be no advantages to keyboard and mouse players). We also hope to create two models, one up-gradable one and one standard one.