Looks like WUBI will be dropped from Ubuntu 13.04

From the Ubuntu delvelopers mailing lists:

That should stop some confusion when walking someone through a problem on the forum …

This kind of thing can wear thin after a while -

Is this a WUBI install ?

What’s that
It’s a method for installing Ubuntu inside Windows
Yes I used Windows
Do you mean you used Windows to create the LiveCD, or that you inserted the LiveCD into the drive Whilst Windows was running, and it started to install.
Yes I used Windows to make the CD, and then tried to install Ubuntu.
Oh I give up …

I was told by my computer engineer that Microsoft are working on a system that prevents another system (linux) being installed alongside windows. starting with windows 8. The answer to this would be to install onto hard disks that are on caddies.

Get another computer engineer, or at least tell him to get his facts straight :wink:

There is NOTHING in Win8 to stop you dual booting …

He’s talking about “Secure Boot” … which isn’t really (supposed to be) about stopping PC’s booting something else like Linux.

Nor would installing an unsigned OS on a caddy overcome Secure Boot.

The spec for PC hardware being “Windows 8 Certified” is that the hardware must be UEFI with Secure Boot, but it’s up to the manufacturers if they include an option to disable secure boot … and as far as I can tell they all seem to be.

The spec for PC’s with Win8 preinstalled is as above, but Secure boot MUST be enabled by default … not a problem, disable it, or use a Linux that can deal with secure boot.

The spec for ARM devices to be sold with Win8 or AFAIK WinRT … secure boot must NOT be able to be disabled … but then who cares about Windows on ARM … Android has that market sewn up :slight_smile:

But most PC/motherboard manufacturers are including an option to disable Secure Boot … in any case, most Linux distros have found ways to work with Secure Boot … so it’s not turning out to be the problem most people thought it would be.

Read this:

or search for Secure Boot and Linux.

BTW, WUBI has nothing to do with Secure Boot … WUBI installs Ubuntu INSIDE windows, kind of as an application (really it’s a virtual drive), then uses the Windows bootloader to boot it.

See here’s that confusion I talked about :wink:

Thanks, I misunderstood completely.

Looks like WUBI will be dropped from Ubuntu 13.04

Well it is about time. I never understood the reasoning behind creating this method of installation.
it was always asking for trouble and as Mark said it was a PITA for troubleshooting. ::slight_smile: