loss of wi-fi connection [solved]

We have a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 which routinely accesses the internet via wi-fi.

Today it won’t connect, despite the fact that it reports the signal as strong/excellent (and my iPod connects effortlessly from the same room).

I haven’t changed anything since yesterday. I’ve deleted the connection several times, rebooted, shutdown, and tried again. Nothing.

The router is set not to broadcast the SSID.

Any ideas folks, (Mark)?

Have you tried rebooting the router ?

what’s the output from:

sudo iwlist scan

Bingo! Rebooting the router worked.

Don’t know why I hadn’t tried it in the first place. Probably because the iPod connected easily and the wired connections were fine. And because I’m no comms expert and I was bogged down at the laptop end, tweaking settings and looking for something more complicated.

Thanks Mark…

No problem Mike :slight_smile: