Lost Wallpaper (Solved)

Can someone tell me where I can find the Wallpaper folder please ?

It doesn’t have a black screen and say “This version of Linux is counterfeit” in the bottom right corner does it ?

Only kidding :wink:

If you mean in Peppermint, the default wallpapers are at:-

If you mean another distro … which ?
(but they’ll most likely be somewhere similar … /usr/share/<distro_name>/somefolder)

Thanks Mark,
I tried that in a terminal and got a list of the Peppermint wallpaper pictures but I have a problem.
When I use Menu>Preferences>Desktop Preferences it only shows me the folder I got the present wallpaper picture from and I want to change.
What I maybe should have said was " How do I re install the default wallpaper" ?
I can’t seem to navigate to the wallpaper folder using File Manager as I can’t see a usr folder to start with.?
EDIT Thanks Mark problem solved. I was just being my usual thick self :-[

In “Desktop Preferences” clcik the little icon at the far right of the “Wallpaper:” line

in the resulting dialog, select “File System” in the right hand column (under “Places”)

Then navigate to
usr > share > peppermint > wallpapers
by double-clicking the folders in the main (right) window.

Thanks Mark,
Worked it out ok. :-[