LXDE-Qt under development

Intersting shift away from GtkX.
I have been using Razor-Qt for a while and very impressed by it. If LXDE switches to Qt then this will be good for both Desktops.
Here is the blog: LXDE-Qt Preview – LXDE Blog

I couldn’t care less about the toolkit as long as it works, but rather than faffing around with a Qt version wouldn’t their time be better spent fixing the damn bugs in PCManFM 1.1.0/libfm4

PCManFM had bugs in 0.9.7, but they were liveable with (file size on disk reported incorrectly and an error when opening as root, but then it worked anyway)

but 1.1.0 is all over the place … network browsing broken, browsing “Applications” (installed apps tree) locks up pcmanfm.

It seems PCManFM has had bugs of differing importance for as long as some people can remember, and I’m okay with that as long as they’re not critical … but c’mon, not being able to browse the network, I think ANYONE would consider that critical >:(

Lubuntu appear to be having to fix these issues as there seems to be no sign of a fix from LXDE … 1.1.0 was IMHO not fit for release, and how the hell do you miss MAJOR bugs like those, did they not try file browsing in their latest file browser ::slight_smile:

Now don’t get me wrong, I love LXDE (you all know that) … but these are MAJOR bugs that should have required IMMEDIATE attention, a DE aint much good if its file manager is broken is it ?, it’s kinda a major component don’t you think ?

It may be that it’s something in Ubuntu 13.04 that broke it, but again I couldn’t care less … Lubuntu is probably the flagship distro for LXDE, so they should have damn well made sure they worked together … so if it won’t work properly after being compiled on launchpad, then it’s effing broken.

All that, just about the file manager? Just replace it with Thunar ::slight_smile:

a) IMHO Thunar aint as good
b) I’m talking about for Peppermint, and that wouldn’t be my decision to make.

Sorry for the mini rant, but it caused us some headaches in PM4 :cry:

Sorry that you have had that much trouble with PCManFM in PM4.
I have been following the progress of the Qt version and meaning to try it in Razor-qt.
It seems to be a rewrite, so it could have squashed those bugs you are talking about.
I think it is an exciting move to a different toolkit, to get away from Gtk+ which is rapidly becoming known as Gnome toolkit.

Yeh, certainly worth keeping an eye on :slight_smile:

I have Thunar installed as well as PCManFM. Only because PCManFM sometimes will not recognize new volumes USB for example (but sometimes it does!). PCManFM is lighter and quicker to use.

Well things have moved on. According to this announcement the two lightweight desktops decided to merge their efforts around LXDE-Qt.

Our two teams have met up and discussed the issues and we have decided that the best course of action for both projects is to focus on a single desktop environment, instead of two. There have been talks of "merging" ever since LXDE-Qt was announced. Having taken the decision to collaborate, we've all had the pleasure of working together already. Our plan is to cherry-pick the best parts of Razor and LXDE and include or port those to LXDE-Qt. Other components will be ported straight from GTK code or rewritten from scratch. In the end, we want to offer the best possible experience while reusing as much code as possible. It will not be an easy process and as always, we welcome anyone who wishes to help, be it with development, translations, or general feedback.