Make a new distribution

I was wondering how to build my own distro.
You see, kubuntu and mint are nice distributions but I would prefer to use a service made by myself because of the thought I put into it.
Linux from scratch is very hard to setup, so unless someone is willing to tell me how to set it up in a simpler way, I’m scratching that off my list.
And I don’t mean making a live-only system (where you don’t install it onto a system), but I mean something you can install.
If someone could help me, that would be nice and would mean a lot to me.
Thank you.

Not something I have ever attempted but see the link for three videos that Dan at MIYO Linux made to show how he builds his distro. Should give you some clues as to what is required.

Hi and welcome,

The short and unhelpful version of this post is “Sorry, I didn’t know”. The longer version takes a sideways step.

There is a growing number of OSs based upon Kubernetes. One of these may be an alternative, and instead of building the OS from the bottom up, via K8s you can script, and therefore standardise, not only the disk partitioning and config, but also specify which components and/or software to install.

This may be an alternative (not necessarily easier) than building the OS from scratch…

While I have installed Fedora CoreOS, i’ve not get very far with it. Fingers crossed you’ll get further than me.

Hope this helps…

Refracta Linux has some good tools for doing this. Download an iso without x-server and build up from there and make an iso using refracta tools.