MakuluLinux 4.0 Enters Beta ...

The long awaited MakuluLinux 4.0 XFCE Enters Beta

Features :
Debian Testing Rolling Release
3.10.x Kernel
XFCE 4.10 / gnome 3.4
Fully working device manager
Steam fully functioning
Wine fully functioning
Over 80 conky themes pre installed
Lots of customizations, themes and artwork including a nice modernized look.

Release Date : 26 October 2013

See attached video for sneak Preview : ( Recommend watch video at high Res 720p)

link to Video : MakuluLinux 4.0 XFCE Edition

I can’t find this on Distrowatch…?

its not on distrowatch yet, Distrowatch charges 250 dollars as a listing fee, But i might sign up with them in near future. For now ill just spread word of mouth and ofcourse via the website :

Heh … the first line of your website threw me:-


I’m an LXDE fan, super light weight … I also hate having to uninstall software I have no need for :wink:

So to have 5 pre-installed DE’s (each with their own file manager, etc.) is a bit of an anathema to me, and kinda explains the 2GB ISO size :o … I’m not really into the “everything, including the kitchen sink” approach … but that’s just me, I wish you luck with your project though :slight_smile:

to each his own, its what makes the world unique :slight_smile:

However 4.0 splits the desktops, 3.0 was the last all in one release. We found its too much work keeping up 5 desktops in one.

For real??
Very disappointed in that :frowning:

Agreed :slight_smile: … as I said I wasn’t knocking the approach, some people enjoy the OS/DE as a play thing in its own right … I enjoy messing with the DE (tweaking and whatnot), but most of the time I just want it to do its job with as little resource usage as possible, then get out of my way … this approach isn’t for ME, but I’m not the type to think my preferences are any more (or less) valid than anyone else’s :wink:

Vive la différence :slight_smile:


BTW, welcome to the forum … sorry, forgot to say that in my first response :-[

completely understand what you mean, I build these distributions from the ground up, literally, no gui, nothing, and then i start laying the ground work and build from there so mostly they are a reflection of what i use in linux, the customizations im comfortable with, and as an Ex windows user i guess i bring a little of that world with me into my linux world, so do me a favour, even if its not for you, at least give it a spin when its released if only for the sake of having being able to say “been there done that” and ofcourse so you could give me some proper feedback on what you liked about the OS and what you didnt, its always nice to have both positive and negative input, it is what inspires change and growth afterall :slight_smile: