Master PDF Editor (Solved)

I updated the latest version to my computer this morning and at the top of the page it says ‘Unregistered Version’
Have I done something wrong ?
Can you delete the post in General Discussion ?

No, version 3 now has “Master PDF Editor - NOT REGISTERED” in the window titlebar … but if you click

Help > About

You’ll see it’s still free for non-commercial use.

That said, installing the new master-pdf-editor3 shouldn’t have uninstalled master-pdf-editor, so unless you manually uninstalled it Master PDF Editor 2.2 should still be on your system.

Thanks Mark,
I can see there are still the 2 versions on here :-[

I guess some marketing idiot told then putting “NOT REGISTERED” in all capitals on the titlebar would shame people into paying for it.

If you want people to pay for it charge for it, or accept donations … but there’s no need for “tactics” if your URL ends with “free-pdf-editor.php”