Microsoft may be seeking protection from Linux with Dell Loan

Well this is interesting.

This (short) article has opened my eyes. I think they are talking less about linux as an OS more just the kernel being used with mobile devices.

What is the LFUK user’s opinion?


It remains to be seen if the $2bn loan came with (many) strings attached, but Dell would have to be pretty stupid to “do a Nokia”

Dell attaching themselves solely to Microsoft Windows won’t stop the rise of Linux in the sectors it’s already taken/taking, server and mobile users will just buy elsewhere … it may delay its arrival on the desktop which is a shrinking market anyway … but it very well could spell the end for Dell.

I think most PC manufacturers now realise Windows is a dying OS, and the way forward sooner or later will be Linux (or some kind of derivative/spinoff).

Personally I expect this to be disastrous for Dell … obviously I don’t know the details of the deal, but even if there appear to be no strings attached we are talking about Microsoft … at some point they’re going to want payback.

Steve Ballmer said that the Surface, like the Xbox, is an example of the sort of hardware products Microsoft will release in the future".

Seems to me Microsoft are looking for a hardware manufacturing wing of their own … so Mr Dell had best watch his back.

Oddly though, that’s another mistake by Microsoft … they seem to think a move into an Apple like model of tied together hardware and OS is a great idea right at the time that Apple are loosing market share to Android which is closer to the Microsoft model.

I couldn’t care less if Dell want to implode in a brilliant flash of red, blue, green, and yellow rectangles … that would just be a business opportunity for someone else.

Vaguely related.

Bought a 2nd hand Precision Workstation 380. It will not run XP at anything other than an absolute crawl, despite having a dual core 64bit 3gig chip and 2 gig of RAM.
But it runs Linux nicely.

It’s all good then :slight_smile:

No big surprise, just taking advantage of US tax laws… who wouldn’t now? Dell will lose billions and get a huge tax writeoff to spread over decades… 2nd advantage Microsoft will look like a Dell takeover troll meanie…

I suspect there are sufficient alternatives out there that are beyond M$ control that Dell won’t stray too far. Personally I build my own so I can guarantee I know what’s in it and that it’s going to work well.

Keep your eye on Lenovo, I’m expecting much Linux friendliness from them in their kit in the future … :slight_smile:

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To date I’d have expected more from Lenovo, what with their historic ties with IBM and acquisition of IBM’s PC division … but they’ve been no better than anyone else, and worse than some for Linux friendliness.
(at least as far as their “consumer” laptops go)

So what makes you say that ?

Do you have some kind of inside track, or are you not talking about “consumer” products ?

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