Microsoft will beat Linux clouds at their own game - with open source

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … and breathe … HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE … Oh dear that hurts … HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO ← see, you even the “Santa” out in me. ;D

(thought I’d end on a seasonal laugh) :slight_smile:

I suppose in the same way that they’re killing Android/iOS with Win7 Phone ?

And in the way Windows is known to be king of the server room ?
(damn I can be sarcastic at times)

Thought you’d like that one :slight_smile:

Didn’t you know, Microsoft is GOD and the answer to everything as it is the best technology there is.

Yup, very amusing that … Microsoft seem unable to get a handle on exactly what the Linux “game” is :wink: … that’s the point, there is no game, so they can’t win.

Microsoft are being “beaten” in the “corporate” playground, by Apple, Google, and co. … and that’s historically THEIR turf.

They have no idea how to deal with a “grass roots up” phenomenon that has no corporate head to chop off … doesn’t seem to stop them trying though :wink: