Mint 17.3 weather app stopped working.

Mint 17.3 weather app stopped working. I have been using this task bar app since mint 12 with no problems. I has not been working for a week now cganging the location makes no difference. It reports that information is not available.

I have the latest version of libgweather and libgweather3 installed. anyone know why it is no longer working (it has stopped on all 3 of my mint computers so it is not a file corruption issue

Thanks in advance.

check that service or deamon for this app that is running. i suspect that the problem is with the config file and the app is quering some server name that doesnt exists anymore etc. could be firewall issue blocking this app etc etc. try googling for Mint distro specific issues. you can also test something else in the meantime. for example if you have a spare USB stick, download some LiveCD distro, run it from that USB stick, enable the weather plugin and see if its working. if it does and the version of the packages are the same etc then i bet its the firewall or config issue.

you can also try the hardcore mode ;D
go to you home folder and go to this folder /.local/share/cinnamon/applets (if you are using default cinnamon) or folder where for example gnome applets configs are stored (if you are using gnome).
delete all files that have anything to do with that weather applet or have ‘weather’ in the file name or something like that. reboot. reconfigure your applet for your location or test London for example and see if its working.
basically to test that this is a config issue, you can also create a test user, login to your system as test user and see if on that account you can use weather applet. if it does work → config issue 100%. after your test, just delete that test account :wink:

Hi, thanks for the input as the laptop is a clean installation I do not think it is a configuration issue.

I will look into the missing server…