Mint box :)

Don’t think they’ll sell a huge amount of these, but I like it :slight_smile:

Just thought I would share in case anyone hadn’t seen them :slight_smile:

Yeah, these have been out a little while - love the idea of a mini PC hooked up to the TV, but they aren’t half expensive! :frowning:

Yeah would be good as a little media centre, small and easy to hide away. Decent specs for its size too.

I’m guessing the price includes support ? … if not then yeah, too expensive.

Ooo I’m not sure, good point.

Now I’m not a fan of Dell but saw this too. Like the look of it but again a bit pricy :frowning:

I really want a replacement machine but as I travel with my work it has to be as portable as possible. Can’t justify a grand on a laptop right now though, I’m to become a dad in March and the earache I’d get isn’t worth it haha.