Mint Live USB/DVD will not boot (closed)

As per a previous thread I thought I would try LMDE 64bit Mate.

But my main computer will not boot from a live USB or live DVD it gets stuck. However my laptop boots OK so it is not an issue with the img file.

Any suggestions…

What happens exactly when you try to boot the LiveUSB ?

is the USB stick listed as a hard drive in the BIOS ?

Is it set as the first boot device ?

Have you tried burning a DVD ?

I have burned a Live USB and a Live DVD and they get stuck at the same place.

The auto boot of mint starts and the logo is shown and the activity dots are going green and white.

Then activity stops and as nothing happens for 15 mins and the key board and mouse are frozen I have to restart the system.

The Lap top boots OK from the USB and the DVD…

This suggests a compatibility issue :frowning:

I’m wondering if nomodeset is a possibility to get it working - Mark?

Edit: Here’s a couple of links for nomodeset - Can't install linux mint or any other distro - Linux Mint Forums & Nvidia 6150LE - can't see Mint 9 past live cd boot... - Linux Mint Forums

When I installed Mint 16 Cinnamon the other day from a USB boot on a netbook I was stuck at that logo screen for ages, I just left it and went and made some lunch after I got fed up and it did load to the desktop eventually. You sure it’s not just very slow to load? Now it’s installed on the SSD it runs great however :slight_smile:

The use of “nomodeset” as proposed by the first link has sorted the issue and the system then booted from the Live USB.

Thanks for the help.

Happy to help :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that if you install, you’ll probably have to modify GRUB to save you having to enter it each time

Sorry Tramlink … I think somehow I lost touch with this thread :-[

Glad to hear you (and chemicalfan) got it working :slight_smile: